Cal-Bay’s Pharmacy Vending subsidiary is focused on the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of “State Of The Art” Vending Kiosk technologies for use in retail Pharmacy and Dispensary environments. The technology is designed to provide a series of secure verification actions prior to dispensing prescribed medicines to the consumer.

Legal Hemp is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cal-Bay International, Inc., For the Development and Production of THC free Edible products, Apparel and more.







Cal-Bay Financial a wholly owned subsidiary, recently announced the development of a merchant processing network introduced as the CB Green Card, a Pre-Paid Gift and Loyalty Program charge card, using a closed loop network intended for use with Legal Marijuana Dispensaries.

Introducing “Snapgrowth” An all natural Plant enhancement product containing no preservatives and no harmful additives. Snapgrowth’s documented test results confirm optimum growth size and significantly reduced growth time using no additional supplements. “Snapgrowth‘” is owned exclusively by Cal-Bay International, Inc.